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European AI and Cloud Summit, 26–28 May 2025, Düsseldorf, Germany
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The European AI and Cloud Summit provides cutting-edge content in both business and technology, making it an exceptional learning and professional opportunity.

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The European AI and Cloud Summit will feature inspiring business and technology keynote speakers, giving attendees a glimpse into a new era of information technology that continuously learns, adapts, and protects. Microsoft executives, Regional Directors, MVPs, and experts from five continents will be present to guide you through the current changes in Microsoft Azure and Cloud Computing.

Attendees of the European AI and Cloud Summit come from major European companies and organizations, with 50% from the DACH region, 20% from the Benelux region, 10% each from the UK and Nordic region, and 10% from other European countries. Additionally, 60% of attendees hold business roles such as CXOs, managers, and business users, while 40% are tech-savvy professionals, including architects, developers, and IT specialists.

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