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Business Networking

European Cloud Summit, 14–16 May 2024, Wiesbaden/Germany
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Meet Microsoft executives, Microsoft Regional Directors, and MVPs

The European Cloud Summit is the ideal opportunity to meet Microsoft Azure executives and engineers and program leaders, as well as top managers and engineers from the cloud computing software vendors, consultancies, and cloud integrators. Among the audience will be 80 Microsoft MVPs and Microsoft Regional directors - this is the perfect opportunity to expand your professional network.

Meet business leaders and tech visionaries

Top business leaders and tech visionaries from all over the world are joining us in Wiesbaden. The European Cloud Summit gives you the chance to hear from industry experts, network with senior leaders, and learn how to create winning strategies to succeed in a technology-driven world. You will make many interesting connections who may become your future customers or partners.

Meet sponsors and exhibitors

The European Cloud Summit offers a unique opportunity for our sponsors to present their product and services to a European audience, and to reach new partners and customers. At the same time, attendees get the chance to find out first-hand how new and emerging cloud technologies can be used today, what the best practices are, and what products and services can further improve their business. The European Cloud Summit expo hall is a “melting” pot which brings together business, deciders, doers and visionaries.

Meet 1,200+ attendees from allover Europe

European Cloud Summit attendees work for the major European companies and organisations. Of these, 50% come from the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), 20% from the Benelux region (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg), 10% from the UK, 10% from the Nordic region (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland), and 10% from other European countries. Moreover, 60% of attendees have a business role (CXOs, managers, business users) and 40% are techies (architects, developers, IT professionals).

The world leading companies attend CloudSummit

The European Cloud Summit, Europe's largest and leading Microsoft Azure and Cloud Computing conference, attracts large corporations year after year. Managers and IT professionals join the CloudSummit to study, exchange insights, and participate in diverse activities such as tutorials, lectures, and panel conversations. At the CloudSummit, they are increasing their knowledge base and widening their business connections. CloudSummit isn't just a conference; it's an essential opportunity for these top firms to align with Microsoft's newest ideas and blueprints in the fields of AI and cloud computing. In taking this step, they ensure they keep pace in a technological environment that's constantly shifting.