Microsoft announced as the Main Partner of the European Cloud Summit 2023

Sep 22, 2023 / 2 min
By: Elena Kovacevic, European Cloud Summit

We are honored to announce Microsoft as the key partner of the European Cloud Summit 2023 this December in Wiesbaden, Germany. Following yesterday's announcement about Microsoft Copilot, Microsoft will actively shape the CloudSummit's program, provide keynote speakers, establish direct contact with attendees through their Expo presence, and foster innovation by recognizing and rewarding the best startups attending the CloudSummit.


Microsoft's Groundbreaking Copilot
On September 21, Microsoft unveiled Microsoft Copilot, an AI technology that will be integrated across various Microsoft products and services. Copilot is hailed as one of the most significant advances in applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) to date. With AI already prominent in both the business and tech worlds, the announcement of Microsoft's Copilot is set to heighten discussions on AI's capabilities and its future.

Microsoft's Booth: A Confluence of Discussion, Innovation, and Inspiration
You will meet Microsoft people at their Diamond booth at CloudSummit. Attendees can expect interactive demos, enlightening discussions, and a deep dive into Microsoft's latest innovations, especially in Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft Copilot. The focus will also include Microsoft's commitment to fostering and acknowledging innovative startup at the "Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub" stage.

Keynotes to Anticipate
Microsoft has confirmed that its executives will deliver two compelling keynotes – one about strategy topics and the other on technology and innovation. These presentations, covering Microsoft's strategic direction to its advances in cloud and Artificial Intelligence, promise to be summit highlights.

Dona Sarkar Takes Center Stage
Adding to the excitement is the news that Microsoft's legend Dona Sarkar, the dynamo at the helm of Microsoft’s AI and Copilot Extensibility Program, will be delivering one of the keynotes. Dona's presence guarantees insightful perspectives, deep dives into Microsoft's AI strategies, and a peek into what the future holds.

Microsoft Shapes "Business and Strategy Track" with a Focus on Responsible AI
Microsoft will have a significant hand in the content of CloudSummit's "Business and Strategy Track", where the conversation moves away from 'how-to' and delve into the 'what-if.' t will bring attendees into the realm of long-term planning, focusing on the impact of cloud adoption and artificial intelligence on their business. Much of the discussion will also gravitate towards Responsible AI. As businesses worldwide grapple with the ethical implications of AI, this focus is both timely and crucial.

CloudSummit's "Startup stage" is now "Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub Stage"
In a move that underscores Microsoft's commitment to fostering innovation, the European Cloud Summit's "Startup Stage" will undergo a transformation. It will now be known as the "Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub", a hub for budding entrepreneurs and innovators. Microsoft will help select the most innovative startups, and help through the fast-track membership in various Microsoft programs and initiatives.

The European Cloud Summit 2023 is poised to be the premier Azure and OpenAI event in Europe this year, inviting professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses to enhance their knowledge and forge meaningful connections. With Microsoft at the helm of many summit activities, attendees can expect a unique blend of innovation, insights, and inspiration.

Business and Strategy track speakers

Please stay tuned, we will be adding more business track speakers in the next few days!