Business and Strategy Track at the European Cloud Summit: Where Azure Meets OpenAI

Sep 20, 2023 / 2 min
By: Elena Kovacevic, European Cloud Summit

The European Cloud Summit is returning this year as Europe’s largest conference focused on Azure and OpenAI technologies. What sets this edition of CloudSummit apart? The addition of a dedicated Business and Strategy track tailored to decision-makers.


The Business and Strategy Track: More Than Just Technology
While European Cloud Summit traditionally offers deep technology conversations about how to optimize Azure services or leverage OpenAI for specific tasks - the Business and Strategy track elevates the discussion. Within the Business and Strategy track, the conversation moves away from 'how-to' and delves into the 'what-if.' It brings you into the realm of long-term planning, focusing on the impact of cloud adoption and artificial intelligence on your business.


From Server-Based to SaaS Leader


The transformation journey is never easy, and that's why case studies are invaluable. The Business and Strategy track will feature showcases from industry forerunners who have pivoted from offering desktop-based products to becoming leaders in the Software as a Service (SaaS) space. Learn from their experiences, challenges, and successes.


OpenAI: The Future of Business


OpenAI is no longer just a term thrown around in tech circles; it is transforming business processes and products. The European Cloud Summit offers a platform to discuss how the adoption of OpenAI can impact your business landscape. From automating repetitive tasks to leveraging AI for better decision-making, the possibilities are endless.


AI Governance and Responsible AI


As we venture deeper into the AI era, ethical considerations take center stage. The Business and Strategy track will address crucial topics like AI Governance and Responsible AI. Understand how to implement AI solutions that are not just innovative but also ethical and compliant with regulations.


Why Attend?


If you are a business leader looking to comprehend the strategic implications of cloud technologies and OpenAI, this track is designed for you. Get actionable insights, witness real-world case studies, and network with the best in the industry.


This year’s European Cloud Summit is not just a tech conference; it’s a holistic experience that bridges technology and strategy. Register now and shape the future of your business.


We look forward to welcoming you to the European Cloud Summit!

Business and Strategy track speakers

Please stay tuned, we will be adding more business track speakers in the next few days!