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AI Responsibility and Governance

European Cloud Summit, 26–28 May 2025, Düsseldorf, Germany
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In the past few years, Artificial Intelligence was not only emerging and evolving but also driving critical discussions on responsibility and governance. European AI and Cloud Summit has a strong focus on these crucial aspects, and we will discuss how responsible AI can transform your business today and what governance measures you should anticipate for tomorrow.

We’ll delve into the business applications of AI with a strong emphasis on responsible and ethical use. We’ll explore how AI can be implemented in a way that prioritizes ethical considerations and governance frameworks. Real-life case studies will highlight successful AI integrations that enhance business operations while maintaining high standards of responsibility.

Security and compliance remain paramount in the AI conversation. We’ll discuss how to ensure AI systems are secure, ethical, and compliant with current regulations, and how AI can be leveraged to improve your organization’s overall security and compliance posture. As AI continues to grow in influence and capability, staying informed about responsible AI practices and governance is essential to avoid being left behind.

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